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2014 Bill Young Award
Lydia Jones, Josh Grover
2014 Betsy Dunbar Award
Kelsey Gaid
2014 Senior Coach of the Year
Jason Turcotte
2014 Age Group Coach of the Year
Bill Forrester
2014 LC Age Group Champs High Point
Harleigh Mobley, Nathan Jin
Samantha Mobley, Brendan Hausdorf
Tristen Ulett, Ross Valdez
Emma Alexander, Jack Dolan, Mike Jeschke
Jaclyn Hill, and Alex Ballard
2014 LC SR Champs High Point
Darelle Cowley
Yousef Alaskari
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Open Water

The popularity of open water swimming has significantly increased so as to move it into a highly competitive part of USA Swimming. Open water swimming events, require thorough planning in order to provide the highest level of safety for athletes, coaches, officials and meet personnel involved in the meet. Georgia Swimming,  and all open water swimming events sponsored by Georgia Swimming, Inc., will follow the procedure set forth by USA Swimming for Open Water Swimming. The procedure for establishing and sanctioning an open water swimming meet are outlined in the Georgia Swimming Rules and Regulations Manual (Section 11).

The following are the documents which will need to be completed in order to apply for a sanctioned Open Water Meet.

word Open Water Application

pdf Open Water Safety Checklist

pdf Open Water Safety Checklist (Athlete)

If there are any questions regarding the application or sanction process for an Open Water meet, please contact Rob Copeland, Georgia Swimming’s Open Water coordinator.